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Enriching non-human DNA in body fluid samples for diagnosis
Researchers from the University of Arizona and TGen have developed a method of rapidly and accurately diagnosing microbes and pathogens causing conditions such as sepsis from body fluid samples. By leveraging the difference in size between human and non-human DNA fragments, the method facilitates a more efficient sepsis diagnosis with reduced turnaround...
Published: 10/25/2018   |   Inventor(s): Muhammed Murtaza, Mehreen Kisat, Ahuva Odenheimer
Category(s): Diagnostics
Universal Spike-Ins for ctDNA Assays
Researchers at TGen have developed a method for validating patient-specific oligonucleotides using spike-in sequences. This method involves introducing spike-in oligo sequences to cosynthesized synthesis-control oligonucleotides and patient-specific oligonucleotides. Reading out the counts of spike-in sequences determines the dose-response characteristics...
Published: 8/17/2017   |   Inventor(s): Tim Mcdaniel, Muhammed Murtaza
Category(s): Diagnostics, Genomics/Genetics
Improved techniques for molecular tagging to increase accuracy of massively parallel sequencing
Researchers at TGen have developed a method for molecular tagging (barcoding) that combines the incorporation of a unique or degenerate molecular tag during the early phases of amplification with downstream informatics analysis. This method is capable of identifying variants in complex human or non-human samples of nucleic acids at extremely low fractions...
Published: 8/17/2017   |   Inventor(s): Muhammed Murtaza, Tania Contente-Cuomo, Maria De Las Nieves Perdigones Borderias
Category(s): Diagnostics